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Soybean Protein Concentrate (SPC)

Soybean feed grade protein concentrate is a purified protein product with up to 65% crude protein. It is made from toasted feed-grade soy meals or food-grade soy meals (white flake) separated from soluble sugars in the alcohol extraction process. The basic protein fractions are presented in an easily available form.

Soybean protein concentrate is used in animal nutrition by way of its direct inclusion into animals’ diets or for production of combined feed production. Soybean protein concentrate (SPC) is suitable as a feed supplement for all animal, bird and fish species.

Soybean protein concentrate is used successfully in animal nutrition as a high-quality protein source that serves as an alternative to milk substitute and fishmeal. The main advantages of soybean protein concentrate as an ingredient of commercial mixed feed for animals and poultry are the high digestibility of protein, beneficial amino acid profile, low level of anti-nutritional factors and long shelf life. Depending on the protein content and particle size, the following product range is manufactured:

62 K (semolina); 65-K (semolina); 70-K (semolina)