Welcome to Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd.

Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd. is an agro based company involved in the production- Dairy, Beef Fatty, Fish, Tarky, Boiler, Layer Chiken And Agriculture Machinery Products etc. We provide a range of products and services to livestock & dairy farmers, public and private organizations looking for solutions to increase productivity, minimize costs, increase profit margins, alleviate poverty and develop infrastructure. Together, we develop sustainable agribusiness in Bangladesh... The best consultant and project management organization for dairy & livestock and the most reliable input suppliers for dairy , livestock farms, is all that Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd is.

“Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd " in 2014. The main reasons behind the entrance of this reputed company into this business are as follows:

  • √ To meet the massive demand of fresh fish (100% formalin free) for our customers & assist the customers by providing healthy & hygienic foods and through this way to generate a significant profit range for our company.

  • √ To meet the national demand for animal protein effectively.

  • √ Through this business we are trying to keep our contribution to the advancement of our economy more significant.

  • √ Also, we are planning to export our products (fish) abroad after satisfying our local need.