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Protinex Feed Industries provides organic feed product meals. Our products are produced with the best high quality guar with high protein for animal feed, poultry feed, aqua feed. Due to higher energy content and fat percentage these are the best source of protein for animal feed.

Our Organic Guar Proteins are:

  • Organic Microfine Profat 70 Guar Meal
  • Organic Hi Profat 62 Roasted Guar Korma Meal
  • Organic Low Profat 56 Toasted Guar Korma Meal
  • Organic Churi Profat 46 Guar Meal

Due to an improved technology, our organic meals contains higher percentage of protein.These meals are palatable and hiving highly digestible protein source which is the ideal solution for the diet of animals feed. Furthermore, it is a highly concentrated protein source for poultry and aquaculture, ideal to replace a part of animal proteins.

We use advanced technical machineries and hygienic handling of the product throughout the manufacturing process, which make us different from other animal feed manufacturers.