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Fish meal produced in our factory is made of fresh anchovy (also called anchovy fish meal ) through high-temperature steaming, sterilization, degrease , drying and screening. Then we get the fish meal for animal feed chicken feed fish poultry feed .With reliable high quality, all of its indicators have reached GB/T19164-2003 standard of first-class fish meal.

The nutritional value of fishmeal depends on the production of fish meal raw materials and processing technology.Fish meal has a high level of amino acids and is balanced, so its biological value is high, which is a high quality animal feed that balances poultry diets.Fishmeal is an excellent animal protein feed that balances proteins and amino acids and is also a good feed for balancing minerals, especially trace elements.

As we have both the price and quality advantages , our animal feed fish meal sells well to many countries for chickens pigs and cattles. We factory can help you win the market and produce the goods as customers' demands. The raw materials are cooked first, and most of the grease and moisture are separated by a press and then dried.





1 Crude protein 65% —72%
2 Fat 10% Max
3 Ash 17.0% Max
4 Salt and sand 5% Max.
5 Moisture 10% Max.