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Roasted Korma, is an ideal source of protein for animals, Guar korma contains most of the germ part of guar seeds and is a complete non-GMO plant. Essence of required amino acid profile, high energy & protein makes it most founded animal feed supplement.

In order to get the roasted form of Guar Korma, with heat & steam it needs to be processed, during this process harmful trypsin inhibitor present in Guar Korma is removed; indirectly amino acid profile & ratio of protein is enhanced in the product. Roasted Guar Korma is processed with utmost hygiene to maintain the palatability & digestibility.

This process reduces (Hydrolysing glactomannan) gummy substance of Guar Korma and breaks cell walls, which results, into the higher digestibility level of guar korma. Therefore, being free of all anti nutritive factors it becomes most required source of protein for Ruminant, Poultry, Aquaculture and Swine.

We use advanced technical machineries and hygienic handling of the product throughout the manufacturing process, which make us different from other Roasted Guar Korma manufacturers.

Roasted guar korma is an incredible product offering high protein and energy quotient with a balanced amino acid profile. The product is slowly becoming the necessity of feed industry. Roasted Guar Korma reduces the feed cost as it provides alternative to other expensive protein sources such as soya, ground nut (GNE).





1 Crude Protein 58 % (+/-2)
2 Oil 7%
3 Metabolic Energy 4500 Kcal/kg
4 Net Energy 4000 Kcal/kg
5 Acid Insoluble Ash 02-03 %
6 TDN 89.00%
7 Moisture 4-8%
8 Fibre 7-9%
9 NDF 22-24%
10 ADF 17-18%
11 Ash 4%