Company Profile


Ara Agro Farm (PVT) Ltd Company is Agro business company registered in Bangladesh they are purpose of Dairy , Beef Fatty, Fish, Tarky, Boiler, Layer Chiken And Agriculture Machinery Products pressing (Registration 2016 ). The Company Local Office Of Farms : Latifpur, Zaminder hat, Begumjong, Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Corporate Office:

Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd. RnR Selina Vaily, House -5/A (4th floor), Agrabad Access Road , Amirbag, Agrabad,, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The Company Vision

To become a leading investor in the agriculture sector by forming beneficial and profitable partnerships with smallholder farmers and other key in Noakhali. we will also make 100% fure food and Distributions any where in Bangladesh.

The Company Mission

Ara Agro Fram (Pvt) Ltd to produce quality agricultural products using improved production, value addition and marketing inn ovations for multiple benefits.

Company Objectives

To use improved crop, Fish and livestock production technologies; and innovative marketing techniques for maximum enterprises profitability;

To form mutually beneficial partne rships with individual farmers, local and foreign investors, farmer groups/associations, traders, whole sellers andenter strategic partnerships with serious investors in agribusiness including crop, forage and livestockvalue chains;

To process and market quality crop and livestock products at prices that are high enough to meet all production, marketing and management costs along the way making profit.

The company’s current business focus

Dairy farming and milk processing

In 2016, our dairy project plan titled “market opportunities for milk producers in Noakhali” was one of the 100 finalist (out of 1,700 entries) projects that were selected Noakhali to compete.

The milk processing business idea however, at an advanced stage of development as the company is negotiating an investiment partnership with an Deshi Investor to implement the project Other planned projects include a feedlot for beef cattle and shoats that will include a modern abbattor to produce quality meats for the local, regional and export market. The company is however ready to do business with any other serious investor as it is yet to enter in any binding agreement with any investor.

Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd Currently we are providing fresh milk extracted daily from our cows to our customers. Our milk is completely organic and no chemicals are added to our milk. Given the situation in our country these days where most food products are loaded with chemical compounds, we promise to provide you a product which is completely free of these toxic add-ons. Our cows undergo extensive medical attention to make sure they are disease free and are given the best care possible. We can also proudly say that none of our cows are given any illicit steroids or growth hormones.

Beef production

Ara Agro Farm (Pvt) Ltd Cattle fattening for beef production have become an important business of the small former in Bangladesh. In few areas of Bangladesh a small scale commercial beef fattening program has already been started. Straw is the important crop residue; contribute the major portion of the fibrous part of the diet of the beef cattle. Rice straw is the basal feed for ruminants with low nutritive value and low digestibility. Farmers use rice straw of traditional verities, green grass, sugarcane tops, wheat and rice bran, molasses, pulses bran and locally available resources such as pumpkin, carrot, bananas, vegetables by products, rice gruel, boiled rice bran, oil cakes etc., for beef fattening.

Last Eid Time Sale Cow

Last 12th February 2017 our Farm Proto
The chemical treatment of straw is the most effective and economic method to improving the quality. Straw is mainly treated with urea and molasses and in some cases chemical treatment also done by the former. Urea molasses straw treatment in beef cattle resulted higher body weight, dressing percentage and also in better carcass quality than untreated straw. The acute shortage of feeds and fodder has long been identified as a serious constraint to optimum livestock production in Bangladesh. The nutritional factor is considered a major constraint to livestock productivity. Traditional grazing field is a scarce except in some pockets. Farmers used three years old cattle for beef fattening and maximum growth rate between 1.1 year to 1.4 years of age. Cattle fattening period is 4.5 months in rural areas of Bangladesh.


In conclusion, biogas is an excellent source of energy and the implementation of biogas plant is an alternative method in order to mitigate environmental pollution and global warming due to unsystematic management of animal waste disposal. Furthermore, there are a lot of advantages of implementing biogas plant at animal farms

For instance, it can open rural economics with the incorporation of green technology, relieves cost through lesser dependence on paying for non-renewable fuels, save on electricity bills due to the production of electricity and circulation of knowledge and skills. The simplicity of implementing a biogas plant in an animal farm, makes it one of the most environmentally sound energy sources especially for rural needs.